Year 1 - Squirrels

Miss Emma Penny


Autumn 2nd Half Term 2017


Then and Now



This half term we will continue to write for a range of different

purposes. The children will enjoy a very creative start to the half term by writing poems about fireworks, using their senses. We will then move on to write recounts and character descriptions based on the book ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes. In all writing, the children will be encouraged to rehearse their sentences first, and to remember to use a capital

letter and full stop. The children will also be challenged to make their writing sound more exciting by using interesting vocabulary.



This half term we will continue to practise number facts such as number bonds to 10 and number doubles to 10. We will revise the addition and subtraction strategies learnt so far (using objects, a number line or a 100 square) and apply these to working with larger numbers. The children will learn about measuring length and weight in both standard and

non-standard units. We will also be learning how to tell the time using an analogue clock.



Our topic for this half term is, “Investigating Materials.” We will start off by distinguishing between an object and the material that it is made from, before going on a material hunt around the school. The children will be encouraged to think about why certain objects are made from particular materials. We will then move on to describing materials, and sorting them into groups based on their properties.



In computing this half term we will be covering algorithms (a sequence of

instructions for a computer to follow) and programming. The children will begin by participating in giving and following a series of simple

instructions through games. We will then move on to sequencing

instructions and using these to solve simple logic problems. The children will then create algorithms for each other to follow.


In history this half term we will be looking at Florence Nightingale. We will look into the past and how hospitals in the Crimean War were very different to today. We will create a timeline of her life understanding her actions and how she became ‘the lady with the lamp’. We will then complete a research project into her life and compare this with other nurses and hospitals of today. 



In DT this half-term we will be thinking about kites. The children will explore different styles of kites, identifying similarities and differences between the styles. We will also be learning about methods of joining materials, before the children design, make and evaluate their own kite. The children will also have the opportunity to complete different pieces of Christmas art.



This half-term we will be learning about duration. The children will

identify long and short sounds in different pieces of music, and will

explore further using instruments themselves. As we approach Christmas we will also be practising and performing a range of Christmas songs.



In dance we will be creating a toy inspired dance. We will carefully listen to the music and thinking about the different shapes we can create with our bodies to replicate toys. During our unit on invasion games we will be developing skills including: rolling, passing, aiming, moving with a ball, and defending.



In R.E we will be learning about the role of the church in the community and learning about some of the different features of a church and the special objects inside.  We will also spend time thinking about the

Christmas story and advent.


How you can help:

  • Reading with your child as often as possible.
  • Discussing what they have read, asking them questions about what they have read and what they think might happen next, or why characters might say or do particularly things.
  • Sharing a range of other reading material, letting both your child read and you reading to them.
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework and encouraging them to hand it in on time.
  • Helping them to learn their spellings.
  • Playing number games and helping them to learn their times tables (particularly x2, x5, x10) to improve their mental maths skills.
  • Coming in to discuss any queries or problems that may have arisen, after school as is necessary.