Year 2 - Owls

Mrs Jennifer Armstrong (0.4) & Mrs Victoria Clark (0.6)



Autumn 2 Half Term



Topic – Then and Now


Literacy - In literacy the children will learn through a ‘Fire & Ice’ topic, starting with poetry inspired by fireworks and writing newspaper reports about the Gunpowder Plot. We will be reading Vlad and the Great Fire of London which tells the story of Vlad the flea and his friend Boxton the rat, and how they are caught up in the Great Fire of London. Through this text the children will explore diary writing, story writing and the use of speech marks. We will then move onto ‘The Rainbow Bear’ by Michael Morpurgo, looking at the author’s use of descriptive language, describing Arctic landscapes and writing persuasive letters.  The children are starting to learn cursive joins in handwriting. In our phonics/spelling sessions the children will be learning various spelling rules for adding different suffixes.  They will also be focusing on the Year 2 common exception words.

Maths – The half term will begin by learning how to add and subtract using a blank number line.  Children will use their place value knowledge to support this process.  They will be adding and subtracting two 2 digit numbers and then extending to look at larger numbers. This strategy will then be used to solve various mathematical problems. There will be a focus on multiplication and division skills looking to increase the speed of the children’s recall. The children will also look at data handling, collecting presenting and interpreting information. We will introduce new mathematical symbols (< and>) and learn how to use them within number sentences.  The = sign will be used in order to balance number sentences as well as being used at the end of a calculation.

Science - The topic this half term will be everyday materials and their uses.The children will be taught to identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses. The children will work scientifically, exploring the uses of everyday materials in and around school.We will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching through the context of recycling.

ICT – The children will continue to use algorithms and implement them as programs on devises such as ‘Bee-bots’. They will need to create and debug simple programs in order to get the devise to achieve different outcomes. They will look at using logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.  I-pads will be used along with specific programs to create a virtual devise to program.

History – In history we will be learning about the Great Fire of London.  We will begin by looking at the timeline of events and discuss how and why the fire was able to spread so far and so quickly.  Comparisons will be made between London then and now, taking account of the different skyline, structures and houses.  The children will learn about the difference in firefighting, both in terms of personnel and equipment.  We will also look at the changes to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the design of The Monument.

Art/DT – This half term the children will be representing the Great Fire of London through a mix of media. They will work with paint and various college materials, exploring different techniques as they depict the scene of the fire. In DT the children will design and make boats linking our DT, history and science learning together. The children will need to select materials by their properties so their boats float (just like the boats that saved people during the Great Fire of London). Towards the end of term the children will enjoy a selection of festive arts and crafts.

Music – Each half-term we learn about one specific musical element.  The focus this half-term is ‘pulse and rhythm’ the children will learn to recognise the difference between the pulse (beat) and the rhythm in various pieces of music. They will then match percussion instruments to the beat/rhythms. The children will also be working hard to learn songs for our Christmas performance.

P.E.  This half term our PE lessons will consist of physical literacy and health and fitness.  In physical literacy the children will focus on a different skill each week such as hopping, galloping etc.  The technique will be reviewed, worked upon and then implemented within different activities.  In health and fitness lessons the children will work round a fitness circuit that comprises of different activities designed to raise the heart rate. The aim over the half term is for the children to improve their score at each station, therefore improving their overall stamina.

RE – We will begin by exploring belonging to the Christian Faith and key faith symbols. The children will learn what Christians believe and the importance of respecting others beliefs. Moving onto the celebration of Christmas, learning about Advent, the first Christmas and the significance of the Christingle service. The children will be encouraged to give thought to the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of giving cost free gifts such as love and friendship.



How you can help:

  • Reading with your child as often as possible.
  • Discussing what they have read, asking them questions about what they have read and what they think might happen next, or why characters might say or do particularly things.
  • Sharing a range of other reading material, letting both your child read and you reading to them.
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework and encouraging them to hand it in on time.
  • Helping them to learn their spellings.
  • Playing number games and helping them to learn their times tables (particularly x2, x5, x10) to improve their mental maths skills.
  • Coming in to discuss any queries or problems that may have arisen, after school as is necessary.