The Rabbit Class Ball

As part of their "Cinderella," topic, the Rabbit Class held their own ball last week. There were invitations to write, magic wand fruit kebabs to make, and dances to learn! The Rabbit Class had a fantastic time at the ball, and were all very surprised when a special visitor ran in, danced around, then ran out leaving her shoe behind! After some careful thinking, the Rabbits soon came up with lots of clever ideas to find this mystery girl and return her shoe to her. One idea was to set up a post office so that we could write letters to Cinderella, and weigh the shoe so that we could send it back to her.

A week later, we were all shocked to discover sparkly footprints leading from the front door up to the Rabbit Classroom, where Cinderella's shoe had gone ...  and a magic postbox had been left! The Rabbits have had great fun writing and posting letters to Cinderella, asking her questions, and receiving replies back.

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